Meet the Team


David  - Managing Director -
The OG and Big Cheese. Started it all 33 years ago and continues to push the business onto bigger and better things. Knows everything there is to know when it comes to printing and embroidery and is still reluctant to spend time on a golf course or in Spain so everyone from customers to employees get to benefit from Dave being at the heart or the Business.

 Ben  - Director -

After 15 or so years as a high flying international businessman doing high flying international businessman stuff, Ben has joined the family business and has promised not to ruin it after the 30+ years of hard work that’s gone before! He’s got a massive desire to make sure we keep our customers at the forefront of everything we do and produce excellent stuff! Daily, he tries his best to grow and improve the company and make it as close to perfect as possible. He’s rubbish at printing though and isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is..

Gail - Business Manager

 Being the Director’s former Boss in another organisation, Gail has joined the business so the pair can continue their career together at The Swim Hat Company. She is a joy to be around and we are so thrilled we’ve been able to get her in a leadership role where she can help drive our company. Gail has a wealth of experience in basically everything with years as a top-notch senior manager including 20+ years within the manufacturing industry. She has a genuine passion to ensure that the customer experience is absolutely flawless from start to finish and spends a significant amount of time and effort making this the case. Ben’s inadvertently given himself a Boss again with Gail here but he’s alright with that and couldn’t be in better hands to be honest. She’s the best Manager he’s ever had but don’t tell her that…..   


Shareen - Works Manager -  
Hands down, one of the most motivated and motivating people I’ve ever come across. Shareen is the lifeblood of our business and the reason why we’re so good at what we do in terms of the quality of what we produce and the speed in which we can get them to you. After x years with us, she’s just gone from strength to strength and now has a group of wonderful folk reporting directly to her. She’s still pretty good at printing too…

Chloe - Sales office / Accounts Administrator  

What an amazing, ‘can-do’ attitude Chloe has. With retail experience prior to joining The Swim Hat Company, everything Chloe has faced in her role here has been new to her and she has taken everything on fearlessly and with a level of skill and competency that would make you think she’s been doing this for years. Chloe is the future of our business and I couldn’t be happier that we’ve been able to get her on board before someone else did! We like happy people here and Chloe’s attitude and way of working not only has made her fit in straight away, but she’s really added something and our working environment is all the better for it.

Helen Brettle - Production   

If you could have a Black Belt in printing, Helen would be the one training people working towards that Black Belt. Forever improving the way we do things in all aspects of our business, usually while singing along at full blast to whatever is on the radio; we couldn’t do without her.


Sofija - Production 
Sofija one day wants to work with animals, but for now she’s stuck with us lot in our (occasional) zoo like environment! She is one of the most skilled, hard working and versatile members of the team and is excellent at most things she turns her hand to with a stoic and Jedi style of mastery. Sof is one of those people who gets any job done that she starts and is such a dependable and talented ‘go to’ person who we rely on on a daily basis.


Steve - Production 
Steve has taken to this vocation like a duck to water. I’m pretty sure he was a screen printer in a previous life and some kind of serendipitous supernatural force has guided him to us. He has become so incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and lightning quick in what he does over the last 18 months or so, the above is the only valid explanation. In work he expertly manages a series of strong and loud characters chirping in his ear all day with a level of calm and poise rarely seen. He’s an ace bloke and we all think he’s great.    

Tracy - Production  

Tracey is literally the most positive and cheerful person to ever embroider anything. She’s a character from a Disney movie whose role is to basically smile and produce amazing embroidered items. After joining our team last year, she has quickly established herself as somebody who we just couldn’t do without. She can be seen in her other natural environment of a West Midlands pub singing Karaoke most weekends.


 Tina - Production 

We were super lucky to get Tina to join us last year. With experience in the printing and embroidery industry before joining us we couldn’t believe our luck to have somebody who knew their ‘applique’  from their ‘pantones’ from day one! She’s a grafter and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer which is only going to make our business better for it. Plus, she’s just got two new puppies so I reckon we’ll make ‘Puppy Friday’ a thing soon..

Andrew - Production 

I’ve rarely met a young lad with such a good work ethic and ability to learn so quickly. Andrew has a desire to learn and progress at such a rate he’ll be running the place by this time next year. Whether he’s cracking on with a boring job that takes all day or learning something super tricky and technical, he’s up for it and willing to give it total commitment which we think is mega! He’s pretty big on conspiracy theories, aliens and YouTube videos so if you’re bored, give us a ring, ask for Andrew and you’ll have a interesting conversation!!