Our processes

Vinyl Cutting (CAD)

A Vinyl Cutter, also known as a plotter, is a computer controlled plotting device with a blade instead of a pen. You most commonly would see it being used on products such as Football Shirts, named shirts and various more.

We use a vector based design, created in a software programme equipped with everything we need to be able to process it to the best quality. We use the vector and send to it to the plotter where it very accurately cuts through the vinyl into the vector which was on the screen. This will further go on to be pressed against a garment bonding it together.

CAD is typically used when order involves names or numbers being printed onto the garment or when the print run is less. Its a very good and durable process we use which keeps its color and doesn't fade especially when putting through the wash.

Vinyl Cutting

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

The Screen is made from fine mesh material fixed with either a metal or wooden frame. A stencil is placed under the screen and Ink is forced through the screen by what we call a squeegie to the material below. Screen printing with stencils is best for blocks of color and is the most common method of printing used by our customers & is great For Full Colour Printing.

Our Silicone Printing onto Swim Caps uses this method to successfully get a crisp image onto the swim caps. This Method we are able to print multi Colour. We are also able to use this process onto garments, bags & accessories.


Machine Embroidery is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create a stitched patters (logos) onto the garment. This is generally used for companies or clubs. The left hand breast of a garment is the most common area of a garment which is embroidered but many also use it in different positions. As well as garments, we also embroider onto many other garments such as bags and much more. This would depend on the material generally however many of our product and embroiderable. This is also good for full colour embroidery.


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