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Long Hair Cap

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Long Hair Suede Swimming Caps are designed to avoid snagging!

For swimmers with long hair our caps have extra space inside to accommodate and avoid snagging.

These hats are made from silicone increasing durability of the caps and a sleek performance and are available in multiple colours, please refer to the colour range below.

  • 100% hypoallergenic silicone
  • Special shape for long hair*
  • Non-slip inside pattern
  • We have the UK's LARGEST COLOUR RANGE of Swimming Caps!
  • Free Standard UK Shipping - minimum order quantities apply

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    • 100% hypoallergenic silicone
    • Special shape for long hair
    • Non-slip inside pattern
    • New special compound to allow more elasticity and recovery
    • Assortment of 4 colours available for immediate delivery
    • Other colours on request
    • Highest quality screen printing
    • Customisable front, sides and back

    Pricing Options

    If you need specific colour prints then please let us know. We have standard colours that we use unless a pantone number or colour sample is provided in which case we try to match as close as possible and a colour sample will be sent for approval If requested before printing.

    1 COLOUR PRINT£0.00£7.50£4.95£4.45£3.95
    2 COLOUR PRINT£0.00£10.25£6.85£5.75£5.05

    *Prices exclude VAT

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